‘Using Prostitutes’

‘Using Prostitutes’

“When I asked him how he was so good with girls, even compared to all of our friends who were also good with girls, he told me his secret.  When he turned 16, his father hired the hottest prostitute in Sao Paulo to take his son’s virginity.  His dad is rich, successfull, and a total badass.  He said it was the hottest girl he ever fucked hands down, and it was the best sex he ever had.  He fucked this chick 5 or 6 times that night.  After that he was one of the most sexually experienced guys at his school, and he had no problems with women from that day onward and never paid for sex again.  He just got laid all the time, dated the hottest girls in his school, and threw them away like trash if another girl came along.  The dude has never known scarcity.  When we talked about women that we saw around, we would measure their value in terms of how much she would cost if she was a hooker in Brazil vs America.  Suprisingly, most of the girls that you would think are really hot are only worth about $80 in Brazil.  Attractive women have an inflated value in the US.  I think this is a much better gauge of how hot a woman is, than simply calling her a 7, 8, 9, or 10.  When you place a dollar amount on a girls looks you realize that she isn’t so high value or special at all.”  Read More


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